Direct Sports Network (DSN) is both a digital and connected-television network expressly constructed to meet the growing need for video ad inventory within premium video programming.

DSN offers audiences complete video libraries from dozens of America’s most popular professional sports teams & leagues, ensuring hyper-relevancy. Content is accessible through team-branded apps on Smart TVs, computers, tablets, streaming media players, Blu-ray players, and game consoles. Each team’s unique individual brand identity is firmly maintained via team-branded portals, while aggregating all viewers under a single network for advertising purposes. This unique approach confers to advertisers the scale of network television with the cachet and consumer influence that only comes from individual association with a beloved sports team.

Brands may only advertise across the entire network (in all markets), no geotargeting or specific team targeting is permitted. Pre-existing (team-based) category exclusives may prohibit some campaigns from running on all team/league platforms.

DSN originally came to market as ‘DeskSite’. Individual team platforms are still referred to as 'DeskSites'; e.g., the Rapids DeskSite, the Bruins DeskSite, etc.