Privacy Policies

In the wake of Facebook’s betrayal of some 90,000,000 users (via Cambridge Analytica), the privacy policies of digital platforms have vaulted to the forefront.

At Direct Sports Network (also known as DSN, formerly known as DeskSite, and legally known as QDOS, Inc.), viewer privacy is of critical concern. In support of absolute privacy, DSN does not request nor retain any personally identifying data about any viewer at any time or for any reason, nor on behalf of any third-party. DSN is proudly COPPA compliant, ensuring all viewers enjoy complete anonymity whenever they engage any DSN platform.

Some features on some DSN platforms enable viewers to access digital touchpoints operated by DSN partners. Any such digitally independent engagement is subsequently subject to the applicable partner’s privacy policies. The following is a complete list of digital privacy policies from every sports team and/or sports league currently (and/or previously) partnered with DSN’s platform network.